In some cases, a bridge can be the most secure way to replace a missing tooth. A bridge involves two crowns which go over two anchoring teeth to either side of the missing tooth to secure the artificial tooth. Bridges are an effective alternative to a tooth implant to restore your smile, prevent teeth from drifting out of position and restoring natural chewing and speaking function.

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While dental bridges and dental implants are both effective ways to replace missing teeth, there are pros and cons to each procedure. While a tooth bridge involves two crowns on the adjacent teeth, a dental implant only repairs the missing or damaged tooth. In general a dental bridge procedure costs less than a dental implant.

The cost estimate for a dental bridge will vary for each specific situation. Generally, a dental bridge will cost between $500-$1,200 per artificial tooth. This cost will depend on a number of factors, including how many cantilevers between the abutment teeth. Your dental insurance may cover all or some of this procedure. We’ll work with you and your insurance company to determine the best way to repair or replace your missing teeth that works with your plan.

Dental bridges are not a permanent solution. In general, this temporary tooth bridge will last ten years or longer before it needs to be replaced. Caring for your dental bridge and maintaining overall oral health can help to extend this time. It’s important to maintain teeth cleanings and check-ups twice a year to identify and issues that could damage or shorten the life of your dental bridge.

Our cosmetic dentist experts work to craft a tooth replacement that is virtually undetectable to blend in with and enhance your natural smile. Even front teeth can be blended flawlessly using a dental bridge. We ensure the dental crowns, cantilevers and artificial tooth are all shaped and colored based on your natural teeth to match the surrounding teeth and blend in with your natural smile.

Extending the life or your dental bridge and maintaining a healthy smile requires daily dental care. As with your regular oral health, brushing and flossing daily is important. Because you are not able to brush or floss between the dental crowns or your dental bridge, it is even more important to come in for regular teeth cleanings so your dentist can properly clean your dental bridge and ensure it is in good shape and strength.

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