Pineview Dental is an in-network Cigna dental provider offering our quality dental services tailored to your dental insurance plan. As a dentist that accepts Cigna Insurance, we are experienced in working with you to get you the best possible dental care. Call us today to book your appointment.

Have questions about your Cigna Insurance? We’re here to help. Reach out and our office will be more than happy to answer any dental insurance questions you might have. To help, here are some of the questions we commonly get:

Most dental insurance plans have some form of what is known as 100-80-50 coverage. This means that routine preventive and diagnostic care is covered 100% by your Cigna Insurance, the cost of fillings, root canals, and other basic procedures are covered 80% and crowns, bridges and other major procedures are covered 50%. These rates and the exact coverage may vary depending on your particular plan. We can work with you to understand your dental insurance coverage.

Your Explanation of Benefits, provided by Cigna Insurance, identifies the benefits, coverage amounts and restrictions of your dental insurance plans. This is the best document to refer to for information about your Cigna dental insurance plan. Typically, your EOB will include your UCR, copayment amounts, benefits, deductibles and paid benefits.

In addition to Cigna’s Dental Insurance program, Cigna also offers the Cigna Dental Savings Program as an affordable alternative to insurance. This is a dental discount network which is more affordable than insurance and provides discounts on dental services. Reach out to Pineview or Cigna for more information on this program.

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