Most people know they need their teeth cleaned regularly. However, they may not know how often teeth cleaning required.  To answer, most dentists recommend that the average person should visit for a teeth cleaning and dental checkup every six months.

You’ve probably already heard this recommendation. If you’re reading this, the question you’re most likely asking is “is it really necessary to get a teeth cleaning every six months?”

The truth is many people look for an excuse to avoid their biannual dental visit out of convenience, their dental budget, or fear of finding an issue. Is this something you can get away with? First, let’s look at the reasons for getting regular teeth cleaning.

Reasons for Teeth Cleaning By Dental Hygienist

Removes Plaque and Tartar Buildup

A “scale and polish”, the term commonly associated with your standard teeth cleaning, will help remove buildup and stains. This does wonders leading to a healthier and better-looking smile. The scaling involves using specialized equipment to break down plaque and tartar deposits. The polishing then removes cosmetic stains and prevents particles from attaching to the teeth between cleanings.

Detect Warning Signs of Cavities, Gum Disease and Other Oral Health Problems

During your regular teeth cleaning, your dentist will use the opportunity to identify any signs of oral health problems such as cavities or gum disease. Other issues that could be identified during teeth cleaning include oral cancer, receding gums, anemia, cardiovascular disease, and other medical problems. The reason for regular visits is the earlier these issues are identified the more likely you and your dentist can choose an option that limits the impact on your teeth and your wallet.

Your Dental Risk Factors

A recent study found that for adults with a high risk of periodontal disease, two visits per year may not be enough to prevent tooth loss efficiently. Depending on your oral health risk, your dentist may recommend dental visits more frequently.

Common risk factors and reasons for frequent checkups include people who use alcohol or tobacco, have diabetes, are pregnant, have poor oral hygiene, or have other medical conditions. Talk to your dentist about what your risk level is to better understand how often you should make appointments.

How Often Is Teeth Cleaning Required? Everyday!

In reality, your regular teeth cleaning at your dentist office is all about identification and treatment of potential issues. Prevention of oral health issues comes down to you. Maintaining good oral hygiene requires daily maintenance.

Make sure you are:

How often is teeth cleaning required for you?

The general answer still remains six months for all of the reasons listed above. You should discuss this with your dentist to find out the best frequency of dental visits for your needs.

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